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ACD stands for automatic call distribution. This is used mainly in call centers where you want the calls to be routed to the next available agent. The basic ACD allows an agent to login and logout of a hunt group to receive phone calls.
ACD stands for automatic call distribution. This is used mainly in call centers where you want the calls to be routed to the next available agent. The premium ACD adds in the feature to barge in on a phone call and to listen in to a phone call.
The ACD Supervisor is needed for each person who needs to be a supervisor in the ACD system. This allows the supervisor to see the current stats on customers in queue, average wait time, etc. It also has all of the features of the Premium ACD.
The Easy Auto Attendant is included at no charge to the customer. However an incoming line should be purchased to direct callers to the auto attendant. (The metered line option below would be recommended in most cases.) This auto attendant is basic but fits many customer needs. It only handles open and closed times to play two different messages. If you need more options (for example, playing a special message for a holiday.) then you will need the Premium Auto Attendant option.
The Premium Auto Attendant allows you to play more messages than the Easy Auto Attendant. For instance you can play a different message for different holidays or different times of the day. We recommend purchasing a metered telephone number option below to be directed to the auto attendant.
Each user that needs to be able to record a call will want this option. This feature can be set to record all phone calls, or programmed to record calls from certain numbers. A supervisor can also record calls through the computer interface.
The toll free number option gives you one toll free number for your company. You may purchase as many as needed. For example you can have one toll free number coming in for you main line or have multiple toll free numbers that can be directed to different teams such as sales and/or tech support.
This is an additional number that has unlimited local and long distance minutes included (reasonable use policy applies).
This is an additional number that is metered (you pay per minute for incoming and outgoing calls). We recommend this option to people who receive many faxes to purchase this and have it set to go directly to voicemail. This allows customers to send faxes directly into your voicemail application. Without this number you would need to manually transfer your faxes to your voicemail system. These numbers are also handy to be directed to auto attendants.
If you have multiple offices or locations it is recommended to add in additional 911 instances for each location. This would allow emergency phone calls to be routed to the correct 911 center.
This allows music to be played to customers while they are on hold. We currently have plenty of templates you can choose from. We can also use a custom designed message you provide if you would like.

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